Entry 54: So I took to Korean MMORPG games


Probably the thing my family dislikes about me is my obsession to all things internet.

Which also includes video games…



Korea has a rich gaming culture with places like PC bangs or PC rooms that offer high speed internet and all the popular games in Korea pre-downloaded into each computer. I don’t consider myself a computer game junkie but I do play quite a bit in my free time. Anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on my schedule.

Since July of 2015 I had spent a lot of my spare time on an Korean MMORPG game called Maplestory 2. I’m sure a lot of people on the internet has heard about Maplestory it’s predecessor.

Back in my teen years I spent a lot of time on games like Sims 2 or Simcity but then I ventured further into free-to-play MMORPG games. That’s when I discovered Maplestory and I played it daily for nearly 2 years until my account got hacked.

I found online friends that I gifted items with real life cash I even got so far as to date a guy online from Hawaii while I lived near the east coast. I turned to games to spend my time away from reality so to speak. I played so long the game even gave me messages saying I should take a break yet I’d continue.

I look back and think of what had triggered my need to play was because of the problems I faced at school in a daily basis and my family was falling apart. Times were tough of course cause it was mere months into the recession and I found my family life unbearable.

The main thing I regretted was all the money I invested into a fantasy. Which made me turn away from computer games till last year. You might think why in the world I would go back to gaming but it’s because I needed the escape after losing my job.

Gaming gave me control of things and I could have roles that made me feel important and needed. Also the my other reasoning to me wanting to play a game was to connect with people online and make friends from all over the place while doing so.

A lot of Koreans play games for probably the same reasons as me or turn to it for a professional career perhaps. I’m perfectly fine with my gaming habits and I learned a lot from my 1st encounter with MMORPG games since then.

Probably the main question is to how long I will play perhaps another year or as less as 3 to 6 months it depends. But what’s for sure I enjoyed the times I spent playing it and I made a lot of friends I wouldn’t have been able to make without it.


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