Entry 52: Remembering the Sewol ferry incident.


I still recalled where I was when the Sewol ferry incident had happened. When I was at work all a sudden my boss had called me over to say a boat is sinking with young passengers aboard.

My heart immediately sank because I felt a pure dread fall upon me like a sense I couldn’t shake. That lives are going to be claimed no matter how hard people could try to race and save them. People in the media outside of Korea would say that because of Confucianism and obeying the words of crew had been the cause of so many deaths.

I for one would like to put my 2 cents into the story.

-For starters there was little to no safety procedures that should have been followed out for the people on board to follow in the event of an emergency.

-Then to further doom the ship it took on water way too fast because of cargo that wasn’t secured properly to begin with like cars. Which then caused the ship to quickly tip over and capsize within hours.

To see the chaos on TV was something I haven’t experienced before and to see the grueling look of panic from family members was painful. The mothers were wailing and then needed to be hospitalized for their grieve induced stress. The fathers were desperate looking at boards to see or hear any news of their sons and daughters.

It was a complete national tragedy.

They continue to fight to lift the boat from it’s resting place and for that moment they are waiting for from the government to pass.

I do not like the political sides of this political war and I don’t think it’s an event to blame on the government but then again it’s an issue they can’t easily move from. The parties that continue to cling onto this tragedy though as a political leverage are disgusting for that matter. These are people whose lives had been lost it is not a button you press to constantly attack your rival political party.

I pray for those lost and I pray that their lives made an impact on the lives of young students everywhere to take their lives seriously like a gift. Especially in a country where teen suicide rates are high, if they can take another glance at their lives for their friends or family.



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