Entry 51: What you should bring to Korea if your planning on moving!

1.) BOOKS! or E-Reader!


Novels, Classic Books, Music Books, Religious books, Cook Books, College textbooks, Foreign Language books like French or Spanish, Children’s books, etc.

Basically if you are an avid reader I highly recommend you bring books from your country before coming to Korea because chances are if you like books in your native language besides English or Korean it will be hard to find or very expensive. English books are a very lucrative business in Korea so if your aren’t willing to shell out nearly 40-70 % more for your favorite books please heed my word. If you are coming to Korea to teach English it would be good to bring children’s books since they are very expensive in Korea. To give you an idea check online and Google what the book bookstore in Seoul or Kyobo Books. The other option is to bring an electronic E-reader book like Kindle and purchase books directly online.

2.) Certain Foods!


Your favorite Kosher, Gluten-free, Soy, Vegetarian, Vegan dry goods and seasonings would be a great thing to take with you. I can’t stress it enough that Koreans don’t have nearly as many diet restrictions or habits like other nations. There is an emerging Organic food movement in Korea but it’s still expensive and rare to find besides affluent neighborhoods. Honestly I grew up on Ghetto American foods and I have yet to find my favorite dill pickles or sausage pickles.

3.) Teas!


If you are in avid tea drinker please be aware how expensive it is to buy your favorite Twining or Lipton teas. Well over 6,000 won or a little less then 6 dollars. I have never managed to find Tazo teas besides what they sell in Starbucks not a single passion tea box in sight.

5.) Your favorite toothpaste and hygiene products.


It is tricky to find Crest or Colgate toothpaste in Korea so if you are very particular about your toothpaste do pack it along with your favorite shampoos and body washes.

6.) Special Holiday treats, Cards, Stickers, Holiday sprinkles, Special cupcake cups, etc.


Korea doesn’t have an obsession with holiday cards for every occasion/event or themed candies/baking supplies for Easter, Halloween, American Thanksgiving.

Koreans have only Birthdays, Chinese New years, Chuseok to really look forward too. I’d admit it the thing I miss most are the holidays in the States. As well dessert fillings are incredibly difficult or expensive here so keep that in mind as well.

7.)  Office supplies.

다운로드 (1)

If it really matters to you, just think no 5-star notebooks or American college ruled loose-leaf paper, or your favorite pencils/pens. I wish I brought my 3-ring hole puncher…

8.) Clothes and shoes.

images (2)

If you wear a certain size over a US size 12 I’d recommend you should bring clothes like jackets, formal dresses, sun dresses, swimming suits(A MUST!), jeans, suits, etc. Shoe sizes over 8 1/2 I beg of you to bring your shoes especially heels, flip flops, boots, flats.

9.) Game Consoles, Computer games, Handheld games, board games.

다운로드 (2)

It’s expensive and rare to find games in English believe me…

10.) Food scales, Measuring tools.

다운로드 (3)

If you are an avid baker or dieter please do bring a food scale or measuring tape. Especially if your American and you have a hard time like me with the metric system.


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