Entry 38: Wow over 1,000 site hits and Happy Lunar New Years!~

Couldn’t be more wowed about how the internet works and wanted to share my thanks for this big feat!


Tomorrow just so happens to be the start of Lunar New Years known as ‘설날’ (Seol Nal). There will be people going to visit their families and there will be people who use New Years as a time to go on vacation.



Koreans take any food ceremony seriously and it takes many hours of preparation to set a table for our ancestors. Even though my family isn’t Buddhist we prepare the table accordingly because it’s a part of Korean tradition.

Fruit and desserts are served front followed by vegetables, meats, fish, rice-cakes,  soups, and rice.

The fruits are supposed to be served in odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 and have both top and bottom peeled off in the shape of a ring.

My grandmother seems to always fret that these traditions would be lost to the younger generation and I want to learn as much as I can with my grandmother and mother.

설 상차림

Above is an example of the food ceremony chart which is very elaborate and traditional.


Lunar New Years is both a fun and stressful time and traffic lines will be quite condensed and difficult especially people who have to migrate from Seoul to Daegu or Busan.


Happy Lunar New Years!


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