Entry 33: Dunkin Donuts in Korea~


Dunkin Donuts in Korea is much different then when it comes to coffee experience then Dunkin Donuts in the states. For starters Koreans prefer americanos, lattes, machiattos versus all in one milk and sugar or just plain black coffee in the states. Also you don’t see soft drinks served inside a Korean dunkin donuts.


The only thing I miss most when it comes to donuts is sprinkled frosting donuts and sugar raised donuts.


This is a neat promotional event set featuring characters from the popular texting/calling app Kakaotalk.


This a promotional event set for the new year featuring a sheep shaped donut!

Since this year is the year of the sheep! So cute!!


I ordered a latte and paid 3,400 won for it.

Looks wise: 5 1/2, Lots of foam looks sort of rushed.

Taste wise: 7 and 1/2, The coffee doesn’t taste like McDonald’s coffee at least although it has a lot more hot milk then coffee…

Price value wise: 7 1/2, For 3,400 won I got a standard coffee.


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