Entry 29: My list of favorite Korean music artists/groups both past and present!

Lee Jung Hyun

The Queen of Korean Techno




The first Korean singer I heard of is ‘Lee Jung Hyun’ (이정현) when I was 12 years old and I grew obsessed with techno dance music thanks to her~ The one and only Queen of Korean Techno!

I liked her for her dance songs, themed clothing ranging from Asian inspired clothes to Ancient Egyptian to Mermaid to Futuristic. She really impressed the younger me when I was really only listening to Britney Spears or Nsync or Hilary Duff. I loved Nuh (‘너’) and Wa (‘와’) when I was younger.

So Chan Wee


An honorable mention to my other favorite techno song~ Tears by So Chan Wee (소찬휘) my mom and aunties were obsessed with this song.

Lee Soo Young

The Queen of Korean Ballads



2leesoo2 2LeeSooYoung

I love, love Lee Soo Young~ I love her voice and ballad music style. My most favorite song from her is ‘얼마나 좋을까‘. In English the song title is {Imagine how wonderful it would be} or {Isn’t it beautiful}. She has a sort of soft, yet emotional voice and I’ve never heard a style quite like hers growing up. She’s the queen of K-ballads and I have such a deep respect for her.

Dong Bang Shin Gi

The Gods of the East

hinh-anh-dbsk-18 images (1)

Gosh I still remember the first song I heard from them which would be ‘My little princess‘ and the next thing I knew I was buying their album and got to see their music videos online for the first time. Really there wasn’t a boy group out there that was as attractive/talented as these boys at the time in the early 2000’s.


They have a special place in my heart since I was 13 and my favorite member is actually Jae Joong (Hero).


Kpop just got more globalized



I knew that when all the Korean guys at my school were trying to sing Bigbang’s ‘Haru Haru‘ at our high school’s international night I knew that K-pop is here to stay. What made Bigbang so different is in fact their music and back then they weren’t as flashy but still delivered great songs. The direction they took with kpop is really amazing and explosive I’d never would have imagined how K-pop would be without Bigbang and it’s members.

 download (2)

I personally like all the members!~


Blackjack Pride



Oh lordy when I first saw 2NE1 online I just knew I had to know who they are and what outfits they were wearing! I’ve never seen so much color and they had catchy songs/moves after watching ‘Lolipop’ and ‘Fire’. I never was so interested in a girl group till them and I still root for these girls. My favorite group members in this order is Bom, CL, Minzy, and Dara but I really adore all the members. I loved Bom’s singles and I really like her voice/fashion style. Not sure the direction they are taking now but I really hope for the best.

download (1)


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