Entry 25: In Yatap Station! Arista Coffee (아리스타커피) a cheaper coffee option in Korea~


Well when I’m not in the mood to shell out over 4,600 won for a latte in a big coffee chain like Starbucks or Caffe Bene I go to an underground coffee shop.  Arista Coffee is a coffee chain in Korea and they serve coffee, juices, teas, and to-go sandwiches.

wpid-20141210_141949_194.jpg wpid-20141210_142042_676.jpg

It’s a pretty small coffee shop~


I ordered a latte and paid 2,700 won for it.

Looks wise: 6 and 1/2, Milk foam and no latte design.

Taste wise: 6 and 1/2, The coffee itself is mild and the taste is heck of a lot better then fast food coffees or convience store coffees for that matter.

Price value wise: 9, For 2,700 won I think that alone would be reason enough to buy this coffee and not having dispenser coffee.


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