Entry 22: Hyundai and Kia Headquarters, Yangjae Emart and Yangjae Costco~


The current main Seoul headquarter buidlings of Hyundai and Kia. Located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. The main Hyundai headquarters is to move after the former KEPCO building site is demolished and new buildings are to be erected from this coveted land near the heart of Gangnam District.


Across the Hyundai and Kia buildings is Yangjae Flower Market.

wpid-20141127_103629.jpgwpid-20141127_104715.jpgYangjae Emart is one of the largest Emarts in the country. 

Yangjae Emart food court! Serving Korean food, Japanese food, Curry, Noodles, Burgers, and more.



Gachapon Machines! (가샤폰). For 2,000 won you can try your luck for a cute gachapon toy/keychain.


Disney’s Frozen is extremely popular in Korea and all little girls want to dress up like Elsa.


Attack on Titan gachapon! (I own one Levi and Armin keychain)


Pokemon gachapon! Very popular for young boys~


All time favorite Hello Kitty!


Tis the season in Emart I haven’t seen this much christmas goods displayed in Korea!

wpid-20141127_111554_557.jpg wpid-20141127_111632_234.jpg wpid-20141127_111707_244.jpg

Yay! Christmas shoes~



Located across Hi-Brand and Yangjae Emart is COSTCO!!!!! Probably the largest costco in Korea!


Koreans in Korea and Koreans in America are Costco-holics! Koreans in America love Costco for prices and buying things in bulk for the heck of it.Yet Koreans in Korea love Costco because so many of these products aren’t found elsewhere for lesser and the overall quality of Costco goods!

Thankfully gaining a membership at Costco for a year is cheap! Only 30,000 won for a business member or 35,000 won for 2 members of a family! Versus 55 dollars in the states.

wpid-20141127_115750_294.jpg wpid-20141127_120553_327.jpg

Browsing through the wine but alas wine is expensive in Korea it’s unlikely to find cheap wine less then 9,000 wine anywhere. Only el’ cheapo table sweet wine is less then 9,000 won.


Browsed through chocolates, yum~

wpid-20141127_122312_187.jpg wpid-20141127_122953_433.jpg

This is organic wild rice and for 7,490 won it’s very reasonable from other grocery stores.

Things that Costco also sell is frozen American turkeys during thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin and apple pies, frosted platter cakes, roast chicken, deli foods, cheeses, preserved meats, frozen foods, spices, whole bean coffee, kirkland brand products, fresh meats, seafood, produce, and so much more.

 I go to costco once bi-monthly for items like fresh fruit (oranges, pineapple, bananas, etc) cheese, pasta sauce, grains, clothing, oral hygiene goods, whole coffee beans, frozen shrimp, rice bread, sauces, spices, spring water, and much more.

Every time I do manage to go I eat food from the food court to go (seats are packed! it’s crazy!) People would just dine on their deli bought foods, sushi, or a whole pan of pizza right on the spot.

Koreans always eat meals with either kimchi or a kind of banchan so they would grind minced onions meant for hotdogs put a pile on their plates then mix in wads of ketchup and mustard that we refer as ‘Costco Kimchi’ lol~

So in other words Koreans have carried on strange habits of freeloading banchan and never leaving until they are satisfied with their meals into Costco food courts but evidently it’s all a part of culture habits. As a Korean American I have never seen this sort of phenomenon in America let alone knew that Koreans actually do this in Korea.


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