Entry 21: Cute cafe called Half Time (하프타임) in Segok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


While I was in this neighborhood I happened upon a small cafe that is styled half underground. So decided to check it out~


It’s small yet cosy.

wpid-20141209_170700_714.jpg wpid-20141209_170649_156.jpg wpid-20141209_170910_284.jpg

I ordered a latte and paid 3,500 won I liked that the barista lady actually drew some latte art.

Looks wise: 8, Nice color and cool simple latte art design.

Taste wise: 7 and 1/2, The coffee itself is made with a good bean and not like acid. Wished there was a more of a roasted taste but I was glad the milk foam was actually foam and not just hot milk.

Price value wise: 8 and 1/2, It’s a treat to find a place that makes decent coffee for less then 4,000 won period.


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