Entry 20: -7 degrees Celsius where I live!~ I’m also sick and I need Yuza Tea!~(유자차)

This is my third winter in Korea and it feels a heck of a lot colder then what I recalled. Checking local temperatures at 2 am it’s a mind-numbing -7 degrees Celsius or 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ve been sick about 3 times in a span of 4 weeks after I recovered from my cold another one hits me after a couple days. I’ve never quite encountered this continuous strain of sickness even when I caught swine flu several years ago.

The only thing that gives me joy through this ordeal is Yuza Tea  (유자차) which tastes like oranges and lemons with honey. Never saw the actual fruit growing up in the states since they are so expensive. From what I understand a huge bulk of the fruit is sent to tea factories instead of distributing more to the general public since a jar of the stuff would cost 9,600 won to over 12,000 or more. (hint it’s quite a gold mine product).



My grandmother was lucky and she managed to purchase yuza in the market. She sliced the fresh peels into tiny strips and squeezed out the seeds from the fruit then preserved the mixture of pulp and peels in a brown sugar and honey blend. Having fresh hot Yuza Tea is heaven sent with this ongoing sore throat.



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