Entry 19: Was really psyched about having an Ikea in Korea until I saw how much the furniture was compared to the states…

brusali-bed-frame-with-storage-boxes-brown__0312288_PE429679_S4(US WEBPAGE)
Bed frame with 4 storage boxes, brown, Lönset
From $339.00
Lowered to $289.00



(Korean Webpage)
Bed frame with 4 storage boxes, white, Luröy
₩ 399,000

Cover for loveseat with chaise, left, Tenö brown
 nockeby-two-seat-sofa-w-chaise-longue-left__0288465_PE424255_S4(Korean Webpage)
Two-seat sofa w chaise longue left, Tenö brown, wood
₩ 1,199,000
It’s been in the news as well about how the pricing seems steep when compared to different countries… I’m not sure what to make of it since local furniture shops in Korea sell decent, inexpensive furniture. I can see that style wise Ikea has a good following already in Korea just wished things aren’t so marked up.
I’m still interested in visiting the new Ikea in Korea once it opens on December 18th for Christmas gift ideas or nice glassware.

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