Entry 17: Celebrating a proper American thanksgiving for the first time in two years!

Since living in Korea I have yet to celebrate a proper American thanksgiving for the past two years.

Last year we had pizza and the year before that we had no money for anything out of the ordinary. Having nothing during the holidays is like living a scene from the Christmas carol it’s depressing but you must give thanks for everything.

I recalled 3 years ago when my mom and I were in the states with no money for a thanksgiving dinner. So we collected every single loose change we had and took it to the nearest grocery store with a coin-master machine. For our hard work we manged to collect enough change and it totaled to a 76 dollar gift-card. We fed 9 people with our loose change and it reminded me of some of the darkest chapters of my life.

I felt connected to those first settlers in our two years of hardship and the grew to understand the meaning of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving represents prosperity, friendship, and family. It’s not just an American value it’s something that is well translated to all nationalities and cultures.

Being a Korean American I ‘m proud of having two thanksgivings to celebrate although hectic it represents something more. Korean Thanksgiving is a celebration of taking time to respect our ancestral heritage whereas American thanksgiving can be shared much more freely. The most important message of both these holidays is giving thanks for the bounty and blessings of life as well as spending precious moments with family.

This year we will have a roasted bird (chicken), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, American yellow corn (frozen but better then chewy Korean corn), dinner rolls, and we’ll even an additional Korean BBQ twist.

I haven’t been this excited in such a long time~


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