Entry 16: 10 things that are so Korean or things that Korean people do that you’d never did before until moving to Korea~

1.) Start to crave instant coffee sticks. Then you drink it right after a meal. (There is an instant coffee dispenser in every Korean restaurant and it’s part of the culture).090422_p28_instant

2.) You use toilet paper for messes and spills in the kitchen. Then you’ll make sure to leave a roll on the dining table. (Something Koreans do all the time and something I hadn’t known about until I moved to Korea.)


3.) Eating kimchi with everything like pizza and pasta. (This is over-exaggerating but I need kimchi if I’m eating noddles or BBQ but older people eat that way).


4.) Drinking Americanos. The preferred hot coffee drink of young Koreans.


5.) Wearing BB cream. (Again this is something I didn’t start doing until moving to Korea).

Natural beige C-600x600

6.) Paying everything with a card because you’ll get points or brand store discounts. Koreans are very point/discount  conscience spenders.


7.) Using the Kakaotalk app. It’s a national obsession.


8.) Bringing tissue paper with you everywhere. Because you must be prepared always!


9.) Owning a smartphone. Not necessary Korean but still a requirement if your tending to live in Korea for a long time.


10.) Learning how to haggle like a true local. I never haggled in America and yet in Korea it’s possible for nearly everything except department stores or grocery stores. My grandmother is a professional haggler and manged to get 2 silk blankets from Dongdaemun Fabric Market normally 300 dollars each down to 180 dollars each!!

images (1)


One thought on “Entry 16: 10 things that are so Korean or things that Korean people do that you’d never did before until moving to Korea~

  1. giiirl, you are right on the money. I still use kakao even though I am in the US. Those emoticons are just out of this world sometimes, like that peach one… I eat kimchi with anything if I get a craving for it. Thanks for the post.


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