Entry 14: Went to Studio Ghibli Merchandise store in Lotte World Mall in Songpa-gu<3


Huge Totoro doll display!

wpid-20141115_160111_801.jpg wpid-20141115_160127_594.jpg wpid-20141115_160213_747.jpg wpid-20141115_160205_746.jpg wpid-20141115_160255_195.jpg wpid-20141115_160404_164.jpg wpid-20141115_160414_372.jpg wpid-20141115_160543_694.jpg

Howl’s Moving Castle: Calsifer Pancake frying pan!!


Jigsaw puzzles of all our favorite characters of Studio Ghibli!

wpid-20141115_160710_216.jpg wpid-20141115_160722_783.jpg

Totoro Coocoo clock!!!!!!

wpid-20141115_160817_302.jpg wpid-20141115_160823_894.jpg wpid-20141115_160830_804.jpg

Gosh overall this is like my favorite shop in all of Korea right now! I grew up watching Studio Ghibli films and I wish they could continue all their brilliant work in the future! Koreans really like Studio Ghibli movies and for that I’m glad~ I wish I could buy everything but the merchandise I really want are kinda high.


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