Entry 13: Went to the newly opened Lotte World Mall in Songpa-gu!~


Riding the bus from Suseo Station and you can see how huge the Lotte World Tower is!

                                    wpid-20141115_132145_263.jpg wpid-20141115_132225_533.jpg wpid-20141115_132705_448.jpg

Well to get across to the mall I went down to Jamsil Station and turned all the way left to get to the Lotte World courtyard.    wpid-20141115_143425_661.jpg

Absolutely stunning and vast! I need probably a whole week of trips just to see everything!


A really gorgeous cafe/restaurant the first one I spot and it looks amazing!

  wpid-20141115_152355_688.jpg wpid-20141115_152527_363.jpg wpid-20141115_152613_189.jpg

Going up to the 2nd floor of the Luxury side of the mall and it’s impeccable!

wpid-20141115_152623_495.jpg wpid-20141115_152645_460.jpg wpid-20141115_152659_724.jpg wpid-20141115_152737_132.jpg wpid-20141115_152756_761.jpg wpid-20141115_152853_760.jpg

Chanel boutique and one of the few packed lines I saw today.


Literally my mouth dropped seeing this display absolute opulence in it’s finest!

                      wpid-20141115_153127_686.jpg wpid-20141115_153137_876.jpg wpid-20141115_153959_676.jpg

Twg Tea display.

wpid-20141115_154021_187.jpg wpid-20141115_154043_109.jpg

Lots of displays of art and I like the oriental feel from it.

wpid-20141115_154100_675.jpg wpid-20141115_154127_735.jpg wpid-20141115_165444_609.jpg wpid-20141115_165449_302.jpg

Today there was a shadow body performance!

wpid-20141115_171121_376.jpg wpid-20141115_165900_799.jpg

A look inside Hi-mart.

wpid-20141115_171109_124.jpg wpid-20141115_174110_556.jpg wpid-20141115_174103_449.jpg

Pictures of the building from outside during night and my feet are tired and I defiantly want to visit again!


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