Entry 8: Seo Taiji’s Quiet Night Album and the story of Sogyeok-dong


Seo Taiji’s ‘Quiet Night’ Album Cover

Seo Taiji’s Version

images (1)

IU’s Version

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Sogyeok-dong is where Seo Taiji grew up and now the area has several flourishing art museums but back in the ’80s the area served as a facility location where students were detained and ‘re-educated’.

Students were reported for suspicious behavior and those accused were often brought back to the facility were questioned and tortured. During this time the Korean government took little sympathy to ideals that are seen as communist but unfortunately many other views that weren’t even communistic got caught including pro-democratic demonstrators, political clubs, and study groups.

Recalling my mom’s stories about her childhood and teenage years in the 80’s made me understand the how strict things were in Korea under President Park Chung Hee. My mother had to keep her hair short and jet black to be deemed as a decently dressed student. Perms weren’t allowed and makeup was prohibited it made me think just how controlling this time was for my mother’s generation.

Although my family is still politically conservative it is because my grandfather at the time served in the military and could provide for his family under President Park Chung Hee. My mother’s high school principle actually was the man who assassinated President Park so imagine my mother’s shock and horror.

I really enjoyed Seo Taiji’s new album and I appreciate his passion for music. I loved the visuals and artwork and maybe I’ll visit Sogyeok-dong too.

 images   IU-seo-taiji


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