Entry 9: 2nd trip to a different Starbucks. Got a holiday tumbler and a free drink coupon~


This is the Starbucks near Yatap Station in Seongnam City where I frequent visit. I love this Starbucks for it’s nearby restrooms, milk carton station, and huge interior.



The 2014 holiday charm tumbler.

20141027141820436  20141027141820136wpid-wp-1415017873689.jpg

I really needed a tumbler to put my coffee in and I really like the price, size, and color. The tumbler sold for 17,000 won and although plastic I needed to bring my coffee with me to work. I chose this size since I almost always order grande sized drinks from Starbucks. After purchasing the tumbler I received a coupon for a free drink (any drink/size) when I bring my tumbler to Starbucks with me.

*Fun Fact*

I’ve been to a total of 6 Starbucks!

3 Starbucks in Seongnam city and 3 Starbucks in Seoul.


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