Entry 6: Daiso! Daiso! Daiso! A Japanese dollar store brand in Korea~


So after work I decided to hit my favorite dollar (won) store in Korea which is ‘Daiso’ or ‘ 다이소’ which is a dollar store brand from Japan that has successfully marketed in Korea. Most daisos are located underground so that there is a lot more space for less rent. I never had a need to go to the dollar store in the states since I didn’t have much of a reason to go there other then buying cheap candles or candies.

Daiso sells a wide range of household goods, stationary, toys, gift wraps, snacks, cosmetic goods, and much more. I managed to arrive at Daiso seeing the Peperro day decoration display which is November 11th.



It’s also come as a surprise to see pocky to be sold in Korea and I feel it gives Koreans more options for a similar product. Believe my surprise to see how Koreans market towards Peperro day more then Halloween with these chocolate dipped sticks and all sorts of candies and it goes to show you how popular the holiday is with the younger generation.


It’s popular to make your own chocolate dipped biscuits for school girls to bring to their friends.


Plastic chairs, storage boxes, and plastic laundry baskets.


Gift Wrap and Bags


Notebooks and school notebooks~


Serving trays~


Spoons and Chopsticks~


Coffee mugs!


Plates and Servewear


More plates~


The only thing I bought was a measuring tape for sewing projects and taking body measurements~ For 2,000 won or less then 2 dollars for 2 measuring tapes.

*Fun Fact*

I’ve been to a a total of 8 Daisos! *Update* December 8th 2014. Another Daiso so 9 Daisos!

3 in Seongnam City, 1 in Daegu, 2 in Gangnam District (Seoul), 2 in Yongsan District (Seoul), and 1 mini branch in Seocho-Gu(Seoul). 


5 thoughts on “Entry 6: Daiso! Daiso! Daiso! A Japanese dollar store brand in Korea~

    1. It’s actually located in front of Yatap Station passed the courtyard if you see a fruit vendor truck in the center path to the road. It’s not on the side you can walk to Homeplus from.

      분당야탑점 031-701-6016(phone)
      경기도 성남시 분당구 야탑동 366-1 지하1층
      Yatap Station in Bundang-gu.
      Basement 1st floor. 366-1 Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggido

      When your looking for it on google maps look for ‘다이소 야탑동’.


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