Entry 3: Korean Starbucks~ Officially the holidays!


The sign reads ‘Let there be bright’ and the promotional drinks are toffee nut latte, peppermint mocha, and Christmas cookie latte.


Since I didn’t want to spend nearly 6 dollars for a special holiday drink, I decided on my favorite vanilla soy latte. I’ve known there is a huge following for pumpkin spice lattes back in the states but really Koreans aren’t nearly as enthusiastic.

Korea doesn’t sell baked pumpkin goods like pumpkin pie in huge quantities and most Koreans would rather eat pumpkins sliced and steamed or cooked into a porridge.

Hands down the most popular drink that a majority of Koreans would order would be ice/hot americano.


Overall the Starbucks in Korea look very similar to Starbucks in America and what people should know is that Koreans aren’t early crack in the morning coffee drinkers. But rather they like to enjoy their coffee through out the day into evening.

The coffee culture in Korea is really bursting and Koreans like to mingle or study in cafes which could explain why coffee in Korea can be sold nearly twice the amount as coffee in America.


It’s always fun to see the latest Starbucks merchandise but I’d rather wait for Valentine’s day or Cherry Blossom season merchandise. The annual year planners are set on display in two different sizes and numerous colors all costing 27,900 won I believe. Plastic tumblers range from 15,000 to 18,000 won and cups can be anywhere from 10,000 to 22,000 won. Stainless steel tumblers can be over 55,000 won not quite sure if that’s a good investment yet.


Whole coffee beans cost 15,000 won or nearly 15 dollars and the holiday special beans cost a whopping 18,000 won. Overall I had a great time, Starbucks although expensive manages to cheer me up and think about all the holidays I’ve spent in America. I’ll muster up some cash later to try and review a holiday special drink in another day.

Leave comments about what your favorite coffee drink is and please share how Starbucks is like in your hometown~

Glad to share.


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