Entry 1: My Introduction

My name is Serena and I go by Sen. I’m a gyopo girl living in Korea.

(A ‘gyopo’ or ‘교포’ is a term for overseas Koreans. Ethnic Koreans born outside of Korea.)

The reason why I’ve come to live in Korea is because 3 years ago my mom and dad have separated. After my dad short sold our home of 12 years, my mom decided it best to work and live in Korea. I’ve lived in Korea for over 2 years and I’ve learned so much since.

I reside with my mom and her family in Korea in Gyeonggyi-do province. Luckily I live close enough to the border so I can easily take a bus ride to any part of Seoul. I tagged along because I’d miss her too much to handle it.

I work part-time and in the future I’d like to be a writer. Writing is a great release to me and blogging about my chronicles in Korea would give me a great goal.

I’ve made it a goal to that if I have the time and money. I’d set off to take pictures and write about new things I’d experience in Korea. My blog mission is to share my journey and thoughts to others through this blog. I can’t wait to hear from any one who is interested in Korea or is currently learning more about the Korean culture.



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